Monday 25 June 2012

Interviews and Opportunities

I am simply overflowing with interview opportunities at the moment and it is infinitely both satisfying and interesting chatting to such an eclectic mix of people about their lives, opinions and interests. Only last week I bantered with Waterstones’ longest serving manager, Martin Latham. What a charmingly intelligent man! He simply oozes literary enthusiasm. Writing Magazine will be running this feature and I will inform you when the relevant copy hits the magazine shelves.

In the meantime I am preparing lists of intriguing questions for a couple of more local interviewees which I hope to squeeze in during the next fortnight.

Now what else is currently listed in my hectic schedule?  Ah, yes. I am in the throes of preliminary talks with a local charity. One of their fund raising opportunities is to run a Short Story Competition and I am dearly hoping to assist them. More details next time.

And while on the subject of competitions, Chiltern Writers’ Short Story Competition closes this coming Friday. The fragrant Tessa Harris is judging this one for us and I will be forwarding a bundle of top notch entries to her next weekend.

Now whilst my working days are already heaving with creativity, following a recent meeting with the captivating children’s author, Nick Halliday, we have decided to embark upon an enviably ambitious joint venture. It's an award winning project just waiting to happen. Although we do, of course, need to get round to actually committing our ideas to digital technology. Right now we’re still at the guffawing stage. Still, it promises to be funny, if only we find time to crack on with it. . .

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