Sunday 15 May 2011

Commuting to the Capital

At the risk of surprising many of you, I have this last week forsaken my rustic study for a commute to the capital. As I'm sure you can imagine, leaving my precious village each day has been somewhat challenging, particularly at such a ridiculously early hour of the morning, yet the unparalleled opportunity to work with Country Living magazine cannot be ignored, overlooked or bypassed. And my role at National Magazines HQ? Well, under the tutelage of the knowledgeable and charming Features Editor I have embarked upon a phenomenal amount of research, attended editorial meetings and been commissioned to create several features. On the downside, I confess commuting and heels are not natural bedfellows but what is pain and discomfort compared with flat shoes? Exactly.

Despite my hectic schedule other duties have remained in the forefront of my creative regime. On Monday evening I began the first of my monthly Regular Writing sessions. My learners vied for eagerness and I was overjoyed to send them home bursting with imaginative enthusiasm and ready to submit their opinion pieces to local editors.

I have also been commissioned to write another feature for Writing Magazine while Farncombe Estate in the Cotswolds has confirmed the running of two of my weekend writing courses in 2012.

My placement at the glossy magazine's empire continues next week while my regular meeting with my fragrant colleague at The Lady is scheduled for the following Monday.

Honestly, there's barely time to fuss the felines at the moment.