Monday 13 December 2010

Festive Retailing

Just back from a retail shopping trip to Belgium's only interesting city, Bruges. I confess for three days I overindulged in hot chocolate and Flemish specialities as my husband insisted on spending his hard earned salary on myself and our grateful offspring. No, I may not have needed another handbag. Or blouse. Not to mention woollen skirt. But then I've never been driven by need or necessity. And my purchases were bargains. At least I believe they were though I tend to leave the Euro-Sterling exchange issue to my husband.

Once home and checking my awaiting emails over a glass of rose, I note some pleasing comments from the learners of my second Writing for Magazines Course which finished last week. How rewarding that those eager writers are now finding their way in the heady world of freelance journalism.

Oh, and did you know that I now Tweet? Indeed, my ability and willingness to take on new technology is limitless. For I am also permanently available to editors via my latest hand held, fruit based technology. At least I will be shortly. Once my daughter has programmed it for me, to be precise.