Tuesday 29 March 2016

From Royal Danish Ballet to BeaconLit and Waddesdon Manor

Having failed so early in the year to blog more regularly, I’m going to bypass the usual apology and crack on with the mother-of-all updates.

Let’s start with Chiltern Writers, shall we? In January I delivered a practical talk / workshop aimed at helping members and visitors Write for Magazines. I’ve received some great feedback so best of luck to everyone intent on feature writing.

Here’s a list of my published articles since then. Hampshire Life - art forger John Myatt, ASpaceArts of Southampton, Gallery Guide and Ron Moody artist profile. The Lady has run two of my Ashmolean reviews: Andy Warhol and Scenes of last Tokyo. The February edition of Hertfordshire Life published my Valentine’s Day article whilst Landscape magazine featured my article about the restoration of Chinnor Windmill. For Buckinghamshire Life I interviewed German art expert Katrin Henkel, did a round up of National Gardens Scheme in Buckinghamshire, a Mothering Sunday books selection; I interviewed a pest controller, a principal with the Royal Danish Ballet and explored a selection of festivals for the year. Vale Life continues my Creative Vale column with Pirjo Keene and Kathryn Acton’s work explored. And, of course, I continue to write three Neighbourhood News columns for The Bucks Herald as well as my WordPlay column for Thame Out.

I’m currently involved in organising this year’s BeaconLit event and we’re planning an exciting and constructive day to appeal to writers and readers alike. Follow them via @BeaconLit1.

Only recently I had a fabulous time at Waddesdon Manor as a guest on their Press Day. The private view included lots of news and details and it was fascinating mixing with journalists over a scrumptious luncheon in the Manor Restaurant.

My Regular Writing group continues with successes applauded, ongoing projects discussed and a hefty measure of encouragement all round. And it was lovely to meet a writer who contacted me through my website recently. We enjoyed a motivational chat in our local chocolaterie.

Well, time to crack on. There are editors to contact, ideas to brainstorm and features to write.