Monday 16 July 2012

The Summer Season

     I have been indulging in a spot of copywriting lately. Actually some marketing too, if not full blown PR. A friend of mine has started her own holistic therapy business, you see, and of course who else would she turn to for some editorial assistance but yours truly? Needless to say, I am happy to oblige. Particularly as she insists I partake of a free treatment or two as payment in lieu. So I look forward to a massage just as soon as I can fit it into my schedule. That may be a while.

     My time, you see, is busier than ever. The Chiltern Writers Committee meets this evening, my Regular Writing Group, will descend upon my abode later in the week and I have a further meeting with a local charity about their short story competition. Oh, and there’s mummy duties, forthcoming family holidays and the Olympics.

     Honestly, I feel quite breathless!

     Still, that doesn’t prevent me from posting my latest Lady Margaret Gosworthy-Pringle and A Write Life! blogs for Hampshire Life and Hertfordshire Life respectively. Research, pitches and more features are also in the pipeline. So, much as I would love to converse further, you simply must excuse me . . .