Monday 17 October 2011

A Brace of Blogs

Forgive my lack of preamble but I can delay not in sharing my literary latest. Two more blogs of the humorous variety are now in situ. In Hertfordshire Life A Write Life! relates my time as a freelance writer in which the lure of my laptop juggles with the demands of domesticity. While for Hampshire Life I have introduced one of my favourite alter egos – Lady Margaret Gosworthy-Pringle – who neither believes in keeping her opinions to herself, not venturing from her private quarters without pearls.

In an entirely different publishing vein, my winter copy of Prayer for Today magazine has just popped through the letterbox and my 3 page spread – The Power of Speech – is, if I say so myself, rather inspiring. I, ahem, just have to remember to take my own advice.

As indicated on my webby, I have been involved with the Thame Arts and Literature Festival where last weekend I filled my humour writing workshop learners with equal dollops of information and inspiration and now I can look forward to hearing of the publishing successes they will undoubtedly achieve.

Yet I have also been aware of other editorial demands. One of my favourite magazines, Cotswold Life, was recently in need of some reader input for their letters page. So I mobilised my keyboard and obliged with the result featured in the October issue.

Despite my writing commitments please be assured I have still found time for the occasional social commitment recently. Indeed, the Chiltern Writers’ Literary Dinner was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with the chocolate loving Carole Matthews sharing her thoughts about the current state of the book industry between courses. And last week I was thrilled to see Sandra Hunt in the one woman show Fanny Craddock – The Life and Loves of a Kitchen Devil.

Which reminds me, I need to start writing a review for the village magazine. Please excuse me . . .