Thursday 18 August 2011


I have been privileged to attend a couple of book launches recently, both equally enjoyable yet infinitely varied. The first took place in the upstairs room of a local free range pub whose relaxed atmosphere provided a flawless juncture to mix with fellow writers and journalists over a glass or two of Chardonnay. Here, Random House novelist Kate Lace unveiled Gypsy Wedding, a signed copy of which now adorns my bedside table. I am currently enjoying the tome each evening whilst relaxing under my 5 tog.

The following week I headed for a neighbouring county where BBC Radio Oxford presenter Bill Heine introduced his latest volume. Such is Bill's influence with the community constabulary that a whole area was cordoned off allowing for a summer street party where I mingled with agents and writers and swapped business cards with abandon.

And just now I'm enjoying an almost perfect afternoon: persistent precipitation outside and a plethora of pets indoors. We have, you see, acquired a Puppy. No, he wasn't my choice. Yes, Spousey and Offspring persuaded me. And, yes, the Felines are unimpressed, particularly with the Canine's lack of toilet skills. Still, an unusually high number of visitors are daily seeking to meet the cream coloured bundle though, what with workmen reinventing my kitchen and school holiday Mummy duties, my writing schedule is somewhat compromised at the moment. Indeed, more than once I have been obliged to stimulate my creative glands late into the evening. Though I confess that champagne aids the imagination. In fact, I should just check if the fridge needs restocking . . .