Thursday 22 March 2012

A Profusion of Apologies

Please forgive my absence. February simply whizzed by faster than an Italian cruise captain could abandon his ship and, with Easter fast approaching, I have only just got round to rekindling my blog duties.

You see I have been somewhat focused on deadlines, not to mention preoccupied with an overabundance of feature ideas, hence the neglect of my webby.

So what has been happening since my last post? Well, first of all, BBC Radio Oxford has invited me onto Bill Heine’s Sunday morning show. Do put 27 May in your diary in case it slips my mind to remind you. Secondly, the March issue of Country Living included my Country Character snippet in which I interviewed the charmingly eccentric collector of 11,000 milk bottles, Paul Luke.

And what else? Oh yes, budding writers are enrolling on my Inspiration to Write course which begins mid April and, as part of my Chiltern Writers’ duties, I recently had the pleasure of meeting Waterstone’s longest serving manager, Martin Latham, who entertained a packed Wendover Library Room with advice for authors.

I have also launched yet another Short Story Competition for Chiltern Writers having persuaded the ever fragrant journalist and author Tessa Harris to be our judge.

Finally, my Twitter following is escalating by the day. Over 300 fellow twits now receive my daily tips and anecdotes. Well, when I say daily, I mean as often as I can. Or, at least, as often as I remember . . .