Thursday 30 August 2012

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

I may have spent the summer months crisscrossing the Continent, strolling the isolated and pine clad hills of Sweden one week and melting in the unrelenting heat of mainland Greece the next, but never let it be said that I neglect my literary calling.

Sunshine and a beckoning Aegean Sea? Oh please, I’d prefer to remain in the shade of a parasol working on the latest musings of my alter ego, Lady Margaret Gosworthy-Pringle. Cruise the shores of the Baltic searching for herring when I have a brace of interviews to write up? Not likely.

Of course, I did partake in a minor amount of tourist based activities. I had, after all, my family to placate. But rest assured my tan suede notebook and a bundle of HB’s were never far from reach. Talking of which . . .