Friday 1 November 2013

Afternoon Tea

This afternoon is, like every other following the hour of three o’clock or so, dominated by pets. The canine snores at my feet though even the slightest movement on my part prompts him to believe tea is imminent. Meanwhile our kitten nestles upon my lap while Number One Pet, our chocolate brown cat whose girth reflects his approaching middle age, snuggles against my laptop, his untoned body spilling onto my keyboard and threatening to copy, delete or paste at will. Sadly, his sister, our Free Range Feline, has been absent for some weeks though remains, I understand, in the local vicinity.

But to return to more appropriate topics. I am delighted to report yet more publishing successes: my interview with the charmingly entertaining Milton Keynes Poet Laureate, Mark Niel, has featured in Buckinghamshire Life, along with my poignant feature about War Memorials. In Hertfordshire Life a piece about Helen Venables, the stunningly attractive Managing Director of House of Colour, appeared in the October Issue. In the current edition of Prayer for Today magazine, I have two interviews featured: one with BBC presenter Pam Rhodes and the other with founder of StreetKidsDirect, Duncan Dyason. 

I am just waiting for the latest copy of Hampshire Life to pop through my letterbox, too. This includes my interview with artist Gill Dollery. Oh, and I think I mentioned last time about another trip to the Ashmolean in Oxford? Well, my review of the Francis Bacon, Henry Moore – Flesh and Bone exhibition appeared quite recently in The Lady.

A glance in my diary reveals many more commissions lined up and, of course, I continue my Lady Margaret Gosworthy-Pringle blog for Hampshire Life. Do take a peak. It’s guaranteed to give anyone a titter.

Finally I should mention my presence at the recent Thame Arts and Literature Festival. This was my fourth successive appearance and I spent the most inspiring couple of hours with a bunch of eager writers. Meanwhile, plans are already under way for next year’s Berkhamsted Writing Competition and I am delighted to report my presence on the organising committee yet again. More details will follow.

Now it surely must be time for my afternoon tea. Not to mention the pets' . . .