Monday 30 January 2012

Commitments, Commitments, Commitments

Less than a month into the new year and I am filled with jubilation since 2012 has begun with unbridled variety and rampant energy. For no sooner had the non drop pine been escorted from our drawing room - and the non drop needles hand picked from the shag pile - than literary appointments began to fill my leather bound diary.

Harpenden Writers were first off the mark and I eagerly anticipate sharing my work and running a Humour Writing Workshop with them just a few days before celebrations for my wedding anniversary in May.

Allow me to continue with further forthcoming engagements.

In a neighbouring county, organisers of the Chalfont St Giles and Jordans Literary Festival wish to include my Inspiration to Write Workshop in this year’s programme. And to complete my trio of county appearances only last Saturday I journeyed to Bedfordshire in order to appear on BBC Three Counties Radio where the effervescent Gareth Wesley interviewed me about Chiltern Writers and how to convert literary ideas into written words.

However,despite said obligations I have still found time to organise another course. My Inspiration to Write (a more fully developed and matured version of my Festival workshop as detailed above) begins mid April and will consist of 6 weekly two hour sessions during which I will entice your imagination, nurture your creativity and delve into your personal experiences, using all of these unique qualities to generate prose. Please go to my Writing Workshops and Events page for further minutiae.

In the meantime, I am saddened to report that The Lady’s Lady Ambassador initiative has been suspended. Who knows whether it will resurface at some future date? I do hope so. However, I have taken great pleasure in my association with this iconic weekly and particularly my colleague at Bedford Street HQ, Susan Wade Weeks, mother of the phenomenally talented brace of daughters, Perdita and Honeysuckle.

Phew, I’m breathless just reading about my itinerary.

Yet you know, however hectic my schedule, at the end of the day I nestle down in my king size with a mug of hot cocoa and invariably find a few precious moments to do a spot of reading. My present tome is The Necessary Aptitude, an exceptionally verbose work by the beautiful Pam Ayres whom I was privileged to meet last autumn. Not only talented, witty and eloquent, Miss Ayres even found time to endorse my copy “To The Current Mrs Smith!” Now I wonder why she felt the need for an exclamation mark . . .