Monday 5 November 2012

Thame Arts & Literature Festival

If you will excuse the indulgence, I’d to share with you some feedback received from one of my learners on a workshop I ran at the recent Thame Arts and Literature Festival. It was my third appearance at this event and I was looking forward to inspiring and motivating new writers.

And what an enthusiastic group they were!

They listened, eagerly contributed to discussions, took notes and generally allowed their imaginations to run riot. Ooh, we had such fun. And as if ‘Thank you’s’ at the end of our packed two hour session weren’t enough, one delightful learner emailed me a day or two later saying she'd been intending for years to start writing and had enjoyed the workshop so much she was now bursting with enthusiasm and creativity.

I tell you, such accolades truly inspire me.

You see, it just proves that however long you spend thinking about writing, it counts for nothing unless you actually crack on with it. So join a writers’ group, attend courses and set yourself goals. In fact, do whatever it takes to activate those creative juices.

And on that note, I have one or two ideas I need to work on . . .