Tuesday 20 September 2011

The Current Mrs Smith

I have discovered what it is to be the recipient of unconditional love. And from a handsome chap, too, being reasonably compliant despite devoting a disproportionate amount of time tending his manhood. But what more could one expect from a Puppy?

And just the other morning, after Puppy Training Class, I was persuading the hound back into my oversized vehicle that defies my attempts at parking skills when I spotted an amiable woman peering into said automobile. Upon approach I realised that she was perusing some advertising attached to my rear windscreen. "Oh!" she exclaimed, "So you're The Current Mrs Smith." I confirmed her find. Turns out she had familiarised herself with my persona via a course flyer at a nearby bookshop. In response to her query of concern I explained that I do indeed hope to retain the title of The Current Mrs Smith for an indefinite period of time and that I rather enjoy the titter or two it sparks in the public's mind.

Now please do not be overly concerned at the amount of time I am devoting to Puppy. I am, I assure you, still a full-on writer. And, just to prove my point, Great British life are in receipt of my latest My Islington Friend blog and I have been commissioned to interview the Revd Duncan Green who is a key member in the organisation of next year's Olympic Games.

And what else? Well I enjoyed business and banter over luncheon last week with local children's author Nicholas Halliday, am keeping atop my Chiltern Writers duties, do continually gather details of local goings on for the Village News section of The Bucks Herald and my Regular Writing group is coming on a treat. Oh, and I nearly forgot. It is with an excess of excitement that I can confirm my presence at next year's Chipping Norton Literary Festival where I will be running a Humour Writing Workshop.

Now I really must crack on with chasing an editor or two before Puppy awakes . . .