Thursday 16 June 2011

Editorial Accomplishments

Having just fired off another blog to the ever grateful Great British Life I thought I'd take this opportunity to revisit my own website, tended and nurtured by the captivatingly faithful Nick Halliday ( who never fails to tend my whims between his author and illustrator duties.

I'm sure you recall my recent editorial undertaking at Country Living magazine? What a breathtakingly stimulating fortnight I experienced and I'm thrilled to tell you that the Features Editor accepted two of my pieces whilst I was in situ and has since commissioned a hefty article for their January 2012 issue.

Yet no sooner had I departed NatMags HQ than I headed for Southern Spain for my annual sojourn to the mountainside home of a dear friend and soulmate. We shared conversation, laughter and a bountiful supply of wine though I also managed a spot of sunbathing and a few hours at my laptop. Amazing how much easier it is to write without the distraction of domesticity.

Since returning I have interviewed the enthusiastic photographer Jane Ambler ( and will begin writing the article just as soon as I've posted this post. My Regular Writing group is now working to deadlines and I have more articles hitting the newsagents' shelves shortly. But please excuse me, I have editors to contact, pitches to chase and ideas to brainstorm . . .