Thursday 17 May 2012

Out and About

What a blogging time I've had lately! And I’m not just referring to the one you’re perusing right now. I’ve also posted another A Write Life! scenario based on  my recent visit to Harpenden Writers where the room simply throbbed with literary zeal. So what else could I do but translate the experience into one of my blogs?  Do go to to get the lowdown on my visit. It has a slightly humorous bias, of course.

My latest Lady Margaret Gosworthy-Pringle missive is also in the throes of its final tweak.  As you know, these are fortnightly musings for Hampshire Life ( and  My Lady Garden is due to entertain readers from Monday, 21st May.  How my alter ego enjoys the opportunity to share her well formed views!

Now what else? Oh yes, just the other day I went to the quintessentially English Chalfont St Giles to run a workshop as part of their Literary Festival and was based in the Old Reading Room just across from the duck pond and next to an ancient public house.  My ladies and gentlemen learners were overflowing with ideas and questions. We brainstormed storylines, delved into feature possibilities and discovered how to tap into the literary stimulation that is but there for us all to recognise and exploit. The organisers were incredibly hospitable and there are already rumours of my return to their next event, in two years’ time.

Come to think of it, I’ve been out and about quite a lot this month including a rather interesting networking lunch in Amersham. Unfortunately there were no other writers with whom to network. Nor publishers, editors or agents. But still, over generous helpings of pasta, dips and delicious pizza, I chatted with solar panel experts, life coaches and solicitors. It made for a rather welcome break in my hectic schedule, actually.

Talking of which, I have a family to feed and pets to fuss. Please excuse me . . .

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