Tuesday 9 October 2012

The Berkhamsted Writing Competition

           I really must apologise for the tardiness of posting this latest blog but I have recently been preoccupied helping to organise the forthcoming Berkhamsted Writing Competition. 

          One of my Regular Writers, who works for the Hospice of St Francis, persuaded me to get involved and an utter delight it is too. I confess when attending our initial on-site meeting, being a hospice virgin, I oozed apprehension. But let me assure you the calmness and serenity that greets you in this fabulous place was awe inspiring. The setting is stunning, the staff delightful, the ethos unparalleled. But it costs a serious amount of sterling to run. Hence the competition.

          There are primary, secondary and adult categories with Freya North judging the adult entries and Jonathan Stroud our headline judge for the secondary school entries. Both Hertfordshire writers will attend the launch party on Monday 12 November in Waterstones, Berkhamsted High Street. This is a ticket only ‘do’ so please contact www.stfrancis.org.uk/bwc or email writing@stfrancis.org.uk to reserve your place or request competition entry details. 

          Writers from any county may submit their short stories. 

          You have until the end of March 2013 to create your 500 word masterpieces and I look forward to reading them . . .