Monday 2 November 2015

November onwards

As the fog lifts and autumn sun brings a spot of warmth to my study, it’s the start of a busy week encompassing interviews with artists, charity workers, gallery owners and garden enthusiasts. How I revel in variety!

Meanwhile, to bring you up to date, here are my latest features which have hit the magazine shelves. Buckinghamshire Life this month includes my 10 Sunday Specials article focussing on venues across the county serving mouthwatering food. In Hertfordshire Life I explore the lovely villages south of St Albans and all they have to offer. At the Titian to Canaletto: Drawing in Venice Ashmolean exhibition I took the opportunity to chat to artist Jenny Saville and include her generous quotes in my review for The Lady.

During a holiday in the New Forest this summer I popped into an art exhibition in Fordingbridge where I fell in love with the unique work of Cliff Brown. Well, of course, I contacted him upon returning home and his interview is my latest artist profile for Hampshire Life magazine.

Last but not least, Writers’ Forum includes my interview with my fabulously successful colleague, Dave Sivers.

Progress on my Lady Margaret Gosworthy-Pringle greetings card range is slow but I promise to keep you informed of progress.

Now, back to today. My December features are all submitted so please excuse me as I put the finishing touches to my January articles and begin February's research. How time flies!

Thursday 1 October 2015

I'm not regular . . .

I’ve begun to realise why I’m not as regular as I should be – blogging wise, that is. Take the last few days, for example. As well as working on next week’s Bucks Herald columns and magazine Christmas features, I’ve attended panto launches, interviewed an artist for a January feature, pitched ideas for next March and am busy brainstorming articles for summer 2016. No wonder I hardly know what date it is.

My explanation aired, here’s a rundown of my recent work. For The Lady I reviewed the Ashmolean’s An Elegant Society exhibition and my artist profiles in Hampshire Life featured Toby Saville and Richard Adams. Hertfordshire Life carried my interview with Netmums’ Cathy Court and features about the Ashwell Show and Hemel Hempstead’s villages. After attending Julie Mayhew’s fabulous book launch I interviewed author Bruce Nixon and this appeared in the October edition of Hertfordshire Life.

Meanwhile, Buckinghamshire Life carried 10 Reasons to Love Winslow and Merry Pig Farm in September while this month’s edition includes 10 Walks of Wonder, the WI Centenary and Hale Valley Vineyard.

A few months back I interviewed the ultra talented Vicki Brand who upcycles wood into fabulously rustic furniture and this feature is in the latest edition of Landscape. And I’ve also just begun a new column – Our Creative Vale – for Vale Life magazine.

I’ve been out and about too, mind, going to another WI Centenary event and Chiltern Writers meetings as well as working on my Lady Margaret Gosworthy-Pringle greetings card range, more of which next time.

Thursday 30 July 2015

Summer Duties

I’m typing more furiously than ever today. Not necessarily because of a flood of ideas, more to do with a drop in temperature – the need to keep my digits warm is more evident than ever.

But let me take a few moments to catch up on what’s been happening. Perhaps most exciting is my first commission for Country Life – an interview with Sir Michael Coleman – has been published whilst I am already preparing another piece, more of which nearer publication time.

Not that I have neglected my regular duties. Buckinghamshire Life includes three features in the July edition: 25 Summer Treats, Green Dragon Eco Farm and an interview with the BBC’s Big Painting Challenge winner, Paul Bell. In the August edition I suggest some fabulous waterside pubs in the county.

Hertfordshire Life includes my top Picnic Locations and Eating Out features in the August issue whilst two more reviews have recently appeared in The Lady: Waddesdon’s Henry Moore: From Paper to Bronze (a short review was also carried in Buckinghamshire Life) and the National Portrait Gallery’s Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon.

My regular artist profile slot in Hampshire Life embraced former cartoonist Toni Goffe in July as well as a number of Hampshire Open Studios artists this month.

I’ve been out and about too with visits to BeaconLit and Winslow Opera - where I enjoyed a front row seat for a beautiful production of La Traviata - not to mention the Ashmolean and yet more interviews.

Let me assure you, however, I have managed to fit in a summer holiday though my family did complain about my constant note taking. Well, when you’re inspired, what else is a writer to do . . .

Thursday 28 May 2015

Sorry I'm late

Phew, sorry I’m late, forgive me. What with holidays and the recently retired, ever present Spousey, it’s a wonder I get any writing done. Still, interruptions aside, my newly invigorated hard drive has been put to use. Let me bring you up to date.

First of all, my Wordplay column now graces the pages of Thame Out providing a fun way of testing your vocabulary. Also, The Lady has published three reviews: Ed Paschke, Saving a Century and Great British Drawings while the delightfully talented Mike Johnson, Karl Rudziak and Louise Briathwaite are my latest artist profile subjects in Hampshire Life.

For Buckinghamshire Life I interviewed four female generations of the same family who provided the perfect example of motherhood, family bonds and the influences they play in local society. This was followed in May with an interview with the lovely Gerlinde Seeley who creates her own cosmetics. In the June edition there’s my Bucks Open Studios feature and an interview with the ultra talented canine enthusiast, Jane Ambler of PhotographMyDog.

Now, what else? Oh yes. Have a look at Cotswold Life website for my review of Love Bites, yet another wonderful exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum. Meanwhile Hertfordshire Life has featured my Father’s Day and Volunteer features.

I have also interviewed several other inspiring talents whom I will detail when those articles are published as well as attendeding the press launch of Jane Bidder’s The Witness before rushing home for my Regular Writing group meeting.

Now I have articles to tweak and Skype interviews to conduct, so please excuse me . . .

Monday 2 March 2015

From Day Dreaming to Tippet Tying

Tempted as I am to spend my time indulging my favourite pastime – daydreaming – professionalism always wins the day hence I have, once again, been rather productive this past month as I am about to detail. 

My review of the Ashmolean’s Ed Paschke exhibition is included on Cotswold Life’s website and for anyone seeking Mother’s Day gift ideas I suggest you read my article in Buckinghamshire Life for some amazing edible treats. Well, unless you live in Hertfordshire, that is, in which case my 15 Ways to Spoil Mum should similarly inspire you.

My latest artist profile for Hampshire Life features the talented Peter Jarvis who was a delight to interview, a fascinating blend of creativity and methodology. And on the website of the same magazine Lady Margaret Gosworthy-Pringle shares her embroidery goals and social disappointments via her latest blog: Tippet Tying, Wilting Canap├ęs and Performance Poetry. 

Attending last month’s Chiltern Writers meeting, I was entertained by an eclectic mix of creativity at our Manuscript Evening. This month Julie Mayhew will talk about Writing for Radio. Do come along on the 12th (8pm, Wendover Library Room). It will be good to meet you.

Monday 2 February 2015

Features, blogs and Tweeting

Outside temperatures may have plummeted but here in my study a heartily stocked log burner provides stimulating warmth, hence the relentless hours I spend at my laptop crafting articles on all manner of topics. 

For instance, my interview with the fascinatingly artistic Charles Lutyens is in the current edition of Hampshire Life whilst Buckinghamshire Life features my piece on marriage, including my own and how pleased Spousey is to be included in this gorgeous magazine. In the February edition of Hertfordshire Life I cover Valentine’s Day Treats and Upcycling as well as an interview with Suzanne Levy, founder of Hertfordshire Craft Collective and this month Lady Margaret Gosworthy-Pringle shares her ample opinions in Twin Sets, Front Slits and Low Slung Slacks. Just go to to read her latest musings.

During a rare absence from my desk I headed once again for the Ashmolean for the opening of Ed Paschke: Visionary from Chicago exhibition before rushing back to share my news via social media. Indeed, I am not only being infinitely more active on Twitter as @TheCurrentMrsS, I am also tweeting on behalf of @BucksLifeMags. So do follow us; it will be good to hear from you.

Friday 9 January 2015

Buoyant, Copious and Dollop

May I wish you a Happy New Year, one filled with buoyant health, copious happiness and a generous dollop of fulfilment? 

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to keep in touch rather more frequently. Indeed, I have notated reminders in my diary but please do not deter from prompting me should tardiness infiltrate my schedule.

But let me now reprise my recent publishing milestones. It is a privilege to write for a number of Archant magazines and I was delighted when Hampshire Life featured one of the gorgeous paintings of my interviewee, Josephine Chisholm, on the front cover of the December edition. This was a bumper month on the Archant front with my 2014 quiz and Pantomime Round Up in Buckinghamshire Life, and Ten Edible Christmas Gifts in Hertfordshire Life. And this month Buckinghamshire Life has featured my Gluten Free feature along with one about Getting Fit for 2015. That national treasure, The Lady, also recently carried my review of William Blake: Apprentice and Master, and I highly recommend the exhibition for anyone visiting Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum. 

Last evening’s Chiltern Writers meeting provided a worthy opportunity to mix with fellow writers and I also took away some useful tips from our speaker and long time member, Dave Sivers. 

Now, what are my plans for the rest of today? A spot of lunch first, I think, followed by some brainstorming for my next Lady Margaret Gosworthy-Pringle blog. Then a little more attention to social media, a mid afternoon cuddle with the cat before research and planning. My, how time flies. . .