Tuesday 23 February 2010

Creative Skiing

I have just returned from the delights of a skiing holiday a la Continent: snow covered peaks, charming classic clothes establishments and surprisingly good wine. Needless to say, although blessed with poise, technique and balance, I remained at ground level, leaving the deceptively simple pastime of sliding down glaciers to my husband (keen but falls over a great deal) and 12 year old (Olympic standard). The many cafes were my day time refuge. Between copious cups of hot chocolate and gateaux extraordinaire (I refused resistance), I wrote several articles and started the book about which I have procrastinated for too long. Indeed, without the distraction of domesticity, I found I was far more creative than usual. Perhaps I could fit in another skiing trip soon . . .

Sunday 7 February 2010

I'm awash with political correctness and inconsequential bureaucracy which have dominated the last few months. And all for the sake of a tinsy winsy teaching qualification. Nevertheless, I will endeavour to extract a few snippets to inject into my forthcoming workshops whilst recycling my colourful yet boringly repetitive handouts via the wood burning stove. With my certificate just an A* away, I have already purchased a gilt edged frame. It will nestle beautifully on my oak with walnut inlay bureau. Oh, and fear not learners, my courses will focus on creative writing rather than codes or practice, diversity, session plans . . .zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz