Monday 16 September 2013

Pet Distractions

Before embracing the nitty gritty of my latest literary accomplishments I must apologise for any forthcoming typographical and continuity errors. We have, you see, recently acquired another pet. Said feline, a mere 10 weeks old, is scarpering over my desk at this very moment, breaking only to use my study as an assault course before chewing the wiring connections to my laptop. She is, of course, adorably sweet. And, at the same time, a constant distraction.

But wait. She appears to have drifted into a cat nap so I’ll just make the most of a few quiet minutes. 

Now, what have I to report? Oh yes, the latest Buckinghamshire Life edition features two of my articles: an interview with the ultra talented Carole Matthews and a piece about Theatre in the Villages, an annual showcase of travelling theatre set to wow audiences across the county between now and Christmas. 

Continuing my growing affiliation with Hampshire Life, I interviewed the fabulously creative artist Charlie Barton for this month’s issue and look forward to attending her London exhibition, to which she insisted on inviting me, in the autumn.

I returned to the Ashmolean again last week . . . oh dear, the little minx! The kitten’s nibbling my hard drive. Now calm down, canine, my shriek wasn’t meant to stimulate you and please stop stampeding over the pile of magazines I’ve just assembled for next week’s Regular Writers. Sorry, reader, I think it’s time to go . . .