Thursday 22 December 2011

Festive Greetings

My laptop may be pining for attention at the moment but, with the imminent festive season but days away, I have other duties to which I need attend. At the moment our house is bursting with a batch of 13 year olds whose excitement level rises with every Christmas song that’s blasting out from a small black box onto which Spousey has loaded thousands of tunes apparently. Our pets are matching the spirit by sporting an array of guises. Homemade, of course. I’m particularly pleased with Female Feline’s angel wings, even if they do enhance her expanding waistline. Her brother has yet to notice his tinsel collar since he snored throughout the fitting and Puppy only has to learn to ignore his halo attachment for the dressing up to be complete.

Yet I haven’t totally neglected my literary calling. The other day I conducted an interview with the charming David Burrowes MP about juggling his faith and career, my latest Lady Margaret Gosworthy-Pringle and A Write Life! blogs are duly posted and Chipping Norton Literary Festival has confirmed a date for my humour writing workshop: Sunday 22 April, 10.30am at The Old Mill Cafe.

On the Chiltern Writers front I was delighted to welcome international best selling romantic comedy author Carole Matthews to our recent meeting. Carole judged this year’s Short Story Competition and generously donated both her time and prizes to the astonishingly talented winners.

Yesterday Offspring and I popped to the capital for a light luncheon with My Islington Friend followed by The Lady Christmas Carol Concert held at The Actors' Church just around the corner from their Bedford Street HQ. It was a most delightful service at the end of which my daughter was all agog at meeting the fragrant Perdita Weeks who will soon be gracing our television screens in various epics.

Now, I’d love to continue but I simply must dash. The Felines are scaling my spruce, Puppy is paying undue attention to my baubles and there’s a pitch waiting to be honed.

So that just leaves me to wish you all a Most Merry Christmas and the jolliest New Year.

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