Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Literary Schedule

I simply must share with you particulars of my productive start to this glorious year.

First of all, the Editor of that delightfully eclectic journal, The Chap, for whom I have written a number of articles under a variety of pseudonyms over the last couple of years, commissioned a lengthy article about the legendary racing driver extraordinaire, Helle Nice. I am today putting the finishing touches to my tome.

In addition, my next My Islington Friend blog will shortly be posted on Great British Life's website (just as soon as the Editor gets to grips with some new technology, apparently).

As Chair of Chiltern Writers I have this week launched our 2011 Poetry Competition to be judged by the wonderful-with-words Steve Thorp.

And, just to prove how eclectic my talents and contacts are, I have married (not, I hesitate to add, in any legal sense) performance poet Paul Eccentric with the imminent Oxford Jazz Festival.

Oh, I could go on. Indeed, I will.

Plans are afoot for me to be running a workshop or two at this summer's Speen Festival and I have enjoyed a belated festive lunch with the charming children's author, Nick Halliday.

Finally, I eagerly await my forthcoming meeting with Rachel Johnson, Editor of The Lady, and a number of her staff. Now, perhaps I should mobilise my pearls . . .

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