Monday, 28 June 2010

Sunshine and Priorities

What fun the Thame Arts and Literature Festival turned out to be: superbly organised, well attended and boasting an abundance of authors. Personally, I was thrilled that a number of fledgling writers saw fit to grace the somewhat humid conditions of the Thame Museum to benefit from my talk about freelance writing. My attendees were eagerness personified, scribbling notes, asking pertinent questions and networking at the end of the session.

But back to this week. My column for The Tring and Berkhamsted Gazette awaits my attention and I must prepare a humour writing workshop for a forthcoming Chiltern Writers' meeting. Yet I also have a piano lesson, school Sports Day and a Committee meeting, not to mention this glorious weather and Wimbledon to distract me. Hmm, I sense my priorities might easily be compromised over the next few days . . .

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