Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Sunshine and Columns

I have departed the ample bosom of my beloved family to spend a few days of sundrenched tranquility with a friend who fulfils the fundamental duties of soulmate and white wine companion. My laptop is poised under a pale parasol, the pool just a few enticing steps away with the mountainous region of Southern Spain providing a magnificent milieu. Not that my excursion entirely revolves around female frivolity for, whilst on The Continent, I intend making substantial progress with my book.

Meanwhile I am thrilled to report that readers of The Tring and Berkhamsted Gazette will henceforth benefit from my weekly column (A Write Week!) which the talented editor, clearly a man of unquestionably fine taste, has simply begged me to contribute.

But back to my book. I'm just going to marinate under the sun's rays while planning a few chapter headings . . .

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